Beat Notes

Music is my lifestyle

Without music, life would be a mistake.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Welcome to my blog! 

For this blog, I wanted to write about something I love. It wasn’t, however, an easy choice: I love to write, to read, to create art. But most of all, I love music.

Majoring in music is not an easy task, and for me, it wasn’t an easy choice. I originally wanted to major in art, or possibly English. And although I could have chosen either of these paths, I registered for mostly music classes when I came to Linfield. 

However, majoring in music has changed who I am and what I want to do. I think there’s a moment in every person’s life where things just fall into place, when the path ahead of you seems like it has been there all along. For me, that moment was a moment of music.

I plan to share parts of my musical journey, but also the music that inspires me. It isn’t all classical. And it isn’t just pop music. Often, it is the crazy mashups that my friends and I record in the music building’s lobby, or when someone gives a performance that clearly has soul. 

The best part about music is that it is a lifestyle. Music is the arrangement of sounds…and I’ve learned to hear music even in the quiet of campus at night, in the leaves rustling, in the way a bike chain scrapes. For something that is often so simple, music touches the soul. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Featured image from flickr user doug88888.

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One thought on “Music is my lifestyle

  1. You’re off to a fast start here. Prof. Sivek has taught you well. You get my award for best original phrase in a post, for “I’ve learned to hear music even in the quiet of campus at night, in the leaves rustling, in the way a bike chain scrapes.” Wow. Keep that up and you’ll get followers. Great banner photo – and appropriate credit. Links that flow naturally in the text. Effective use of color, italics, and font size in the opening pull quote. You begin with the bar set high. Very good.

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