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Let’s make this happen, girl
You gotta show the world that something good can work
And it can work for you
And you know that it will

-Two Door Cinema Club

One of my favorite genres of music isn’t something that I enjoy because it is indie pop, from the common practice period, or has elements of impressionism. No, this genre is based on the time of day that I like to listen to the music at: night time. 

I first discovered that I had such a genre defined in my own head a year ago. I realized that there were only a handful of songs that I enjoyed listening to while doing homework or driving my car past midnight. I mention those activities because they both require an alert focus that I don’t usually have past 12 AM, and these were the songs that kept me up and groovin’. 

One popular web application that takes this idea and turns it into customized playlists is songza. This will let you choose a playlist like “studying (no lyrics)” or “staying up all night.” These change with the time of day and what kinds of activities you may be doing.

My music collection, however, is extensive enough that I have my personal favorites for my night times where I need some focus and energy. See some of my favorites below. Do you have any time-specific playlists?

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Featured photo from flickr user allthatimprobableblue.

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