Beat Notes

Morning has broken

I’m walking on sunshine, woah-oh…and don’t it feel good!

-Katrina & The Waves

As you may remember from this post, I love I have a fondness for genres of music that aren’t really genres of music. I’ve realized that I have another such genre: morning music.

Maybe it’s just me, but specific songs are for specific times. The mood, the beat, the lyrics, and the way a song makes me feel all contribute to when I will listen to such a song. I can’t listen to the song below, for example, if it isn’t mid-afternoon; sometimes I need a reminder to have a positive attitude after lots of classes. 

Morning music has two moods: upbeat & peppy, or reflective and wondrous. I’m personally more drawn to the upbeat, because I prefer to get out of bed at some point. Too reflective, and I’d rather be pensive than active for a day.

Here are some of my personal favorites. Hopefully they’ll bring some happiness to your morning. 

Reflective options:

Happy options: 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Featured photo from flickr user Chickens in the Trees.

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One thought on “Morning has broken

  1. Michael Huntsberger on said:

    After the last post about wrock music, I was afraid I was falling desperately behind the curve. So it’s relief to see that I know all of these cuts, and I agree they all make great morning tunes. Too bad you never did a radio show. You have all the skills for building good playlists. Once again, this is technically flawless. Perhaps one day I’ll actually teach you something in this class.

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