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Dream A Little Dream of Me


“Sweet dreams ’til sunbeams find you / sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you / But in your dreams, whatever they be / dream a little dream of me.”

-Ozzie Nelson, “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

The only wish I can truly have for you is to have sweet dreams. They’re my favorite part of the day, and of the night. I’m usually daydreaming when I’m walking down the street, and I have vivid dreams when I fall asleep.

Dreams are the best place to escape to and the most restful of moments. They help us see what is ahead and understand what lies behind us. Though, as a wise wizard once said, “it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” 

Thanks for stopping by.

Featured photo by me and edited in Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone.

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One thought on “Dream A Little Dream of Me

  1. This one is less successful that the previous one, mostly because of the issue with the sound sync. Is that intentional – a metaphor for the dream state? If so, it’s not very effective. The basic impression is that you had either editing or upload problems. If this is simply a technical problem, let me know. The audio is very good – a nice balance between the voice and the uke. I like the shot of the pinwheel – that’s a nice break, and a nice vector. The closing pan again seems wobbly. So all the elements are here, but the overall effect is not as strong.

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