Beat Notes

ASCAP: Day One


“I don’t read music. I couldn’t even pick out F on a keyboard.”

-Ne-Yo, at the ASCAP conference


The main ballroom/conference space. The sessions with big name artists and producers are held here.

This conference is incredible. We have had a whirlwind day, so I’m just going to say this and update more later: I am so inspired by this event. We are learning, networking, and exploring. It feels like we’re making our dreams come true.


This is the view from our hotel room. The Hollywood sign is up in the hills in the very background. We could see it very clearly, though it doesn’t show well in the photo.

The most inspiring moment today was seeing the Hollywood sign, and knowing that this is the town that the music industry revolves around. There’s no better place to be in order to become a professional. And even professionals don’t always have the skills that we are taught to believe are so important. Ne-Yo, for example, does all his work by ear. That kind of musicality is felt, not heard.


The mall decor is strange but intriguing!

I’ll have more updates soon. For now, enjoy these snapshots!


Faun Tiedge, Jenny Morgan, myself, and Jenaveve Linabary came to the conference together. We are having an incredible time!

Thanks for stopping by.

Featured photo by me. We are staying at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, which is connected to the Hollywood & Highlands Mall and a block away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

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