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We’ve Been Here Awhile.

I’ll admit it: I’m not great at updating this blog when it isn’t an assignment. But we’ve been in Vienna for a while now and have had some lovely adventures, so here are some highlights from our past few weeks! So far we’ve…

1. …visited Salzburg on our way back from Dorfgastein.

2. …started classes at the Austro-American Institute of Education. Classes include German Grammar, Ethnic Diversity in Eastern & Central Europe, Politics of European Integration, and Austrian Politics and Society in a European Context. School is held on the 2nd floor of the building below.

3. …seen film after film at Rathausplatz. All for free!

IMG_3273 IMG_3271

4. …conquered the U-Bahn. Not so much the S-Bahn or the bus system. But the U-Bahn is pretty easy!

5. …visited the Kunsthistoriches Museum and been awed by how much art is at our fingertips.


6. …attended outdoor screenings of operas in the cold. #cheapseats!


7. …taken shots at a pizza stand. Yes, really.

8. …gone swimming in the Danube.



9. …eaten a lot of ice cream at Zanoni & Zanoni.


10. …found our favorite bar in Vienna.

11. …started to work our way through the shots menu at said bar (you can get 10 shots for 20 euro. Don’t worry, I didn’t do all of those by myself!!)

IMG_3331 IMG_3327

12.  …been shocked by some of the artwork on display at the Albertina Museum. This artist’s work is particularly disturbing. But the Albertina itself is great!


13. …hiked to a lookout point over Vienna. Hiking always includes spritzers, beers and some goofy faces.

14. …gone on our first set of weekend trips! Some of us went to Amsterdam, others to Budapest. Adri, Hannah, Andrea, Ian and I went to Bratislava, Slovakia! (I’ll make another post soon about our weekend in Bratislava.)

15. …started to see Vienna as a home base rather than another place to visit.

Overall, a great couple of weeks in Vienna! I can’t believe that this semester is already a quarter of the way over, but I know that it will be such a good one. I can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you all!

Thanks for stopping by!


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One thought on “We’ve Been Here Awhile.

  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! You look happy and I’m happy for you. Love dad

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