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A Weekend in Prague.

On the 20th of September, our little group left for an entire weekend in Prague, Czech Republic! Our Ethnic Diversity professor, Dr. Heuberger, tagged along. When we arrived, our first order of business was a tour of Old Town.

Later, a few of us went to the mall in Prague (it was cooler than it sounds: a whole store devoted to Clinique! haha) and found ourselves some alcohol-infused frozen yogurt for dessert.

Boozy frozen yogurt!

Boozy frozen yogurt!

That night, we made some friends from Australia at our hostel. As per usual, we stayed up way too late. Surprisingly, they shared our love of Smash Mouth.

On the 21st we took another guided tour, but this time we visited Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. The Cathedral was out of this world beautiful!

The rest of our tour that day concluded with exploring the castle grounds and appreciating the views.

That night, many of our fellow friends went on a pub crawl. Three of us (Joleen, Gabe, and myself) were all pretty tired, so we relaxed in a shisa bar (for those who are worried about my singing voice and/or my health: no, I don’t smoke. : )

On our last day in Prague, we went on another tour. Apparently, I wasn’t feeling it–I have exactly zero pictures from it. But we also did something totally unforgettable: we went to an ice bar!

Last but not least, we contributed to a charity project in Prague while we were there. We donated a few euros and painted a brick, which symbolized the houses and activities that the Beneficial Brick Initiative would build with the donations. We went free form, but made sure to include Linfield on the brick, too.

Our finished charity brick.

Our finished charity brick.

Prague was unlike any city I have ever visited, in Europe or otherwise. I am starting to realize that every city in Europe has its own feeling. Prague’s was rich, vibrant, and revitalized. There was a special energy in this city that was once behind the Iron Curtain and the capital of a country that has only been under its own influence and control for a very short time. I would highly recommend it for a wandering traveler!

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