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A Weekend in Bratislava.

The first weekend in September was our first weekend where we had no commitments to school, so naturally our whole group decided to jet-set away for our first set of weekend trips. Hannah, Adri, Andrea, Ian, and I went to Bratislava, Slovakia. Because I have been to Bratislava once before with the Seattle Girls’ Choir in 2009, I acted as de-facto tour guide for our group. We stayed at an awesome hostel on the outskirts of town, within a fifteen minutes walk of the pedestrian city center.


Our cute little hostel had nice, plain beds and brightly colored bedding. Very comfortable!

On our first day, we got our bearings by drinking beer and eating some hearty Slovakian food at a local cafe. Adri also made friends with a street performer.

We were all tuckered out from our day of walking, exploring, and traveling, so we just went to bed that night. On Saturday, we went to visit the castle that overlooks Bratislava. Even though the castle itself isn’t much to look at (it was rebuilt after a fire while Slovakia was still part of Czechoslovakia and under communist control), the views from the castle are outstanding.

Then, we went on a tour with a local guide. We purchased TI City cards, which are widely available in Europe. Usually sponsored by the city, the cards are inexpensive but give travelers awesome discounts at restaurants, museums, and hotels/hostels. The one we had also gave us a free tour of the city and free public transportation for our time in Bratislava. After the tour, we went to a spa and got pedicures. But these weren’t just any pedicures, they were fish pedicures!!!

The best part of the weekend, though, was  going to Sky Bar. The bar serves lots of specialty vodkas from around the world. We had great drinks, awesome food, and a lot of laughs while we enjoyed the incredible views. It was one of the best nights I have spent abroad so far.

On our final day, we lounged around the city center and enjoyed ourselves. Sometimes the best travel days are the ones without any plans. Actually, scratch that, we had ice cream. That counts, right?

Ice cream was enjoyed many times during our weekend in Bratislava. Photo by Ian Cox.

Ice cream was enjoyed many times during our weekend in Bratislava. Photo by Ian Cox.

Overall, it was such a lovely weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. More posts about a weekend in Prague and a birthday are on the way. Leave a comment if there is some aspect of life in Vienna that you would love to hear about!

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3 thoughts on “A Weekend in Bratislava.

  1. Enjoyed reading your travel post…The photographs are great as well…I have never been to Eastern Europe but now I think I will have to go…

  2. This looks like a charming city! Thanks for posting so many photos to give me an idea of what you’re seeing. I’m a bit jealous, but who wouldn’t be. I can tell you’re having a great time. I’ll be watching.

  3. This looks like so much fun!

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