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A Day in Lower Austria.

Note: this post is part of the “catching up” I need to do for this blog. Our day trip to Klosterneuburg was on Oct. 18, 2013.

We took an awesome day trip we took to Klosterneuburg, Kreuzenstein, and a lovely winery with a couple of our professors!

Just north of Vienna, Klosterneuburg is home to a lovely monastery that we toured for part of the day. Monks still live and work at Klosterneuburg, with one of their jobs being the production of a house wine. 


Next was Kreuzenstein, a neo-medieval castle in Lower Austria. This castle was originally destroyed during the 30 Years War, but has been reproduced over the years. There was a mysterious and ominous air to the place, but it was quite beautiful. If you like medieval castles. Which I sort of do.


Our last little excursion was arguably the best part of the day: a sunset visit to Regner Winery. Josef Regner and his family produce lovely sweet wines in the weinviertel area surrounding Vienna. Josef was quite the personality, teaching us about life and his philosophies. The most interesting thing we discussed with him were the five senses of wine: the sound of the two glasses clinking, the bouquet of the wine (the smell), the rich colors, the wonderful taste, and the way wine makes people feel.


After picking grapes in the fields, tasting wine in the cellar and having a lovely homemade dinner, we were all tired and ready to go back to Vienna. But that night I definitely dreamed of wine and monasteries and mysterious castles. Overall, it was a wonderful little excursion. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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