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An Afternoon of Punsching.

Note: this post is part of the “catching up” I need to do for this blog. We went punsching pretty frequently during our last few weeks in Vienna.

Punsching: verb. To stand outside in the cold drinking a hot beverage called “punsch,” consisting of fruit, spices, juice, and alcohol. Socializing is a must. Other options instead of punsch include glühwein, also known as mulled wine. To receive punsch, one must pay for the drink and the mug (usually 3,5€ for the drink and 2€ for the mug). If one returns the mug, one receives the 2€. If not, one has a great souvenir to take home.

When the Christmas markets opened in Vienna, we were ecstatic. Christmas markets have these incredible decorations, all sorts of tasty treats, and fun activities for children. Besides being a great place to buy Christmas presents (like olive wood bowls for my mom and punsch mugs for my dad), Christmas markets are the best place to hang out after a long day of class while enjoying a hot mug of punsch, glühwein, or even hot chocolate. The mugs were unique at every Christmas market. The pictures here are from an afternoon we spent punsching at the Museums Quartier, which was within walking distance from school and one of the hippest young-people hang out spots. 

Thanks for stopping by and happy punsching!



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