Beat Notes

A Weekend in Paris.

Note: this post is one of  my last installments of “catching up” that I need to do for this blog. Hannah and I went to Paris November 22-24, 2013.

One of my favorite series when I was a child was about a little girl in an old house in Paris that was covered in vines. She had 11 awesome friends and they walked in two straight lines. That series, of course, was about Madeline. Later came Eloise, my favorite girl-wonder who living in a swanky hotel. One time she explored Paris with her adorable pug named Weenie and her turtle, Skipperdee. Madeline and Eloise made Paris seem magical, beautiful, glamorous, and fun.

I didn’t make it to Paris when I was a little girl like Madeline and Eloise did. But I got the next best thing and went as a young woman–and with my good friend, Hannah, to boot. We saw the Eiffel Tower…


And ate lots of sweet treats…


We climbed the Arc de Triomphe…


and roamed the Louvre–how neat!


Before we thought to say goodbye, we ate our way through town…


We even got some reading in–and left with nary a frown.


Thanks for stopping by.

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