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red solo cups

“I got my ticket for the long way round / the one with the prettiest of views / it’s got mountains it’s got rivers / it’s got sights to give you shivers / but it sure would be prettier with you”

-Lulu  and the Lampshades, “Cups”

Well, when you give a music student a video project, you’re bound to get a few covers. Cover songs are fun, engaging, and improvisational. They’re the finest form of musical flattery, in my opinion. They’re also a great teaching tool for students. I didn’t know how to harmonize until I started doing covers because I had not yet realized that I could say (or sing) something new. In addition to what the original artist does with a song, a cover allows other artists to explore the harmonic, rhythmic, and expressive possibilities of a wonderful song. 

This song, originally by Lulu and the Lampshades, was made popular by the recent movie “Pitch Perfect.” The movie is every college singer’s dream––instant musically-minded friends who are able to harmonize perfectly and learn songs within days. It may not be real (see video for proof that songs cannot be perfected in days!), but it is an indulgent fantasy for music students. Plus, it has some fantastic laughs. 

I hope you enjoy our cover. It certain isn’t perfect (in pitch or otherwise), but we had a good time with it. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Featured photo from southie3.

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One thought on “Cups

  1. Very good! Great opening shot, with the vector across the table. It really sets the scene. The singing tracks are a little too close and hot – they dominate the mix, which isn’t so bad, but they’re miked so close that they don’t blend naturally with the room sound for the cups. The long multi-panning shot at the end gets pretty wobbly, but you do a great job of landing on that beaming smile to close. I think this is a most commendable little project.

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