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My Least Favorite Holiday.

Note: this post is part of the “catching up” I need to do for this blog. The Halloween Ball was, of course, on the 31st of October. 

Most people my age love Halloween. I am not one of those people. Secretly, I’d rather watch Harry Potter on Halloween than go to a party (actually, that’s pretty much every night. Whoops). But somehow my friends wrangled me into dressing up and going to a ball for All Hallow’s Eve. We all got ready together at Adri’s apartment, champagne and 90s pop music included.

Balls in Vienna are a big deal. Even though the Halloween Ball was technically before the traditional “Ball Season” (usually from the New Year through March or so), it was still an incredible event with lots of performance artists, some funky music, and people dressed to the nines. We went as two vampires, a skeleton, and a butterfly (I was the butterfly. Can you tell I’m not great at Halloween?). 

We had such a wonderful, awesome time. Joleen gave this toast that summed it up pretty well: “I’m so glad to be sharing this night and this semester with some of my  closest friends.”

Thanks for stopping by. 

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